Dear God,




I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

I know that I’m not perfect and I never will be.

But you make me better.  Stronger.  Every day.

You give me strength, courage, and wisdom.  Evil always tries to stop me and slow me down.

But you carry me safely through all tragedies.


I will spend the rest of my life doing right by you.

Thank you for the many good things and people you have graciously blessed my life with.



I love you.





Boots, Belts, and Skinny Jeans

Ok guys so lets talk a little about fashion!  My latest fave items for this season are boots, belts, and skinny jeans!!!  In my photos, I of course, am modeling my Maurice’s clothing.  In the first photo I’m wearing a white tube top as my layering piece.  Now, I would usually wear a couple camis but in this instance I decided to go with one.  My top shirt is from our casual selection.  It’s a nice shade of pink, it’s not too bright and not to dull either. You can’t tell as well in the photo but it’s a nice, rich color.  The front is mostly lace with regular sleeves.  The back has one strip of lace down the middle.  It fits a little bit shorter and more loose.  I prefer a form fitting look, so I (as usual) paired this with a thick, grey belt.  I wear my belt pretty high up as you can see.  Everyone has a certain place on their body where a belt looks best, and a certain type of belt that looks the best on them.  I am wearing my silver skinny jeans with this outfit and pink uggs.  I also paired this top with a long pearl necklace to top it off.  It’s a fun way use these pieces to put together a great outfit!

Below I’m using the same belt, but different  boots and different skinny jeans.  I started with our white active wear tank top.  I like this one because it’s really long and the material is very comfortable.  My top shirt is also from our new casual selection.  As you can see, I’ve already started wearing our spring colors.  It has ruffles going diagonal from the top.  At first I wasn’t sure about the idea of pairing a shirt that had ruffles with a belt but at the store, we had a bright pink shirt with ruffles all the way down on a mannequin and that had a black belt on it and I became sort of fond of the look.  So of course I had to try it.  It worked well together. So, with this outfit I’m actually wearing Silver jeggings.  They don’t look much different from my skinnies.  The only difference is that the material is a bit softer and stretchier.  I love both pairs equally, they are both very comfortable and look and fit amazing .  I then finished with my knee high, grey, suede boots.

When I’m helping my customers at Maurice’s I have a habit of handing then boots, belts, and skinny jeans to complete their outfit for an amazing look that makes them feel great.  These items are hot right now, so use these with your wardrobe, be daring, and have fun! 🙂

Happy trending!

The Grass on the Other Side

So, this is super cliche, but I have been thinking about it lately.  The old question of, “Is the grass really greener on the other side?”  I was washing my hands in the bathroom of my four bedroom student housing apartment and something caught my attention.  On my side of the sink (being a caucasian girl) I have a bottle of fake spray tan, and on the other side of the sink my roommate (being Ethiopian) has a bottle of skin lightening cream.  I thought about it and really wondered why on earth would she ever want to lighten her beautiful dark skin?  Then I realized she would probably wonder why I would want to darken mine.

For most european descent people back in the day, it was ideal to be pale because it showed wealth.  It showed you didn’t have to do hard labor out in the sun.  Now, however having a nice tan is considered a good thing because you shows you have the wealth and leisure to lay out and bake in the sun (or during these harsh winters tanning indoors).  In my personal opinion, I always think a little color, or a lot, is very attractive.  A few sessions in the tanning bed or a little spray tan and suddenly my confidence is much higher and I walk taller.

So my question is.. what’s so bad about takin a little grass from the other side anyways?!  I know a lot of responses I’ve heard to this topic is to love yourself as you are, and just accept yourself for who you are.  Well I do!  I don’t think adding a little color or taking away a little color is so bad to do.  If it makes you feel better about yourself and makes yourself happier than have at it.  It’s no different than having your hair colored, a new outfit, or working out to stay fit and healthy to feel great about yourself!!  I give you all permission to grab grass from wherever you want to grab it from!!

Now, if you’ll excuse me I think I’ll go tanning… 😉

Man Behind the Woman Behind the Blog

Sooo this is going to be just a quick little blog butttt I want to make a quick shout out to my man!  I wouldn’t be where I am right now without his support, he helped me get my dream job, do well at it, and just do what I love in life (hence I’m writing again!).  He is the most amazing guy I could ever possibly have in my life.  He is truly my prince charming ❤

I love you, baby!! Thank you for all you’ve done for me and for truly being the best friend and best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for!!!! 🙂


Wear Your Hair

So I’ve worn clip in hair extentions for years.    I’ve had the same ones for the past few years and I’ve of course been in love with them, however over the years of bleach, toner, washing, straightening, blow drying and brushing they were kind of worn out so my fabulous hair dresser and cousin cut and colored them for me.  I loved how healthy they looked but my hair started to grow a bit and now my clips aren’t much longer than my actual hair which isn’t very long itself.  All the extra hair really did was add a lot of volume from all the layers.

Soooo back when I bought my clip ins I had also accidently purchased a weave thinking they were clips.  This now came in handy, because I needed new hair and all I had to do was make these into clips!  So of course I googled the supplies I needed and headed over to sally’s beauty supply to gather my clips, needle, specially strong thread, and scissors.

When I got home I just started cutting the weave into pieces according to the size of my head for where I wanted the clips to go.  I then began to sew the clips into the tread of the hair and tie it a lot of times to make sure it was secure and cut off the extra thread.  I now have brand new amazing clip in extentions as easy as that, so I encourage you to try it at home it’s a lot of fun and the results are great!  I had no idea what I was doing and they turned out really well.

Happy Sewing! 🙂

To the New Year

Hey guys!  Welcome to my blog I am new to this but I’m excited to get started.

First of all 2011 was a hard year for me.  A lot of crazy things happened which I’m sure you’ll hear about in later blogs.  I want to do this year right I’ve really been getting my life together and it feels amazing!  I felt blogging along my way of this journey would be fun on account of I love writing and sharing my experiences and thoughts.

Now, since we are 10 days into the new year of 2012 (yay!), I want to talk about my resolutions and how I’m doing on them so far.

I really didn’t make any official resolutions or anything, but in life I am always making myself goals.  Something I really challenge myself on is self awareness and always learning and bettering myself.  I’ve been doing a great job with this.  You know those “in the moment” words and actions?  Something I’ve been working on is being aware of those “in the moment” moments as they begin. And when I realize them, I take a step back, analyze the situation and possible outcomes and then step back in, thinking rationally.  I guess that’s part of growing up. (:

Another goal I have for myself I’ve actually been working on this one for awhile but about six months ago I quit drinking and I’ve done a great job sticking to that.  So  for 2012 I want to stay sober until my 21st birthday.

One other thing I would love to do this year is to write a book or short story about my life the last year kind of as an informative and entertaining piece which I started a few days ago.

And as I said I was recently promoted to manager, so my resolution for this is to just be the best manager I can be and do amazing things for my store!

The new semester at my college also started recently, so I really want to stick with school and achieve good grades, so we will see how this one plays out!

Other than those goals, I have the usual you know eat healthier, become more fit, do more yoga, pray more, smile more, worry less, just be happy 🙂

Well, happy blogging everybody!  Talk to you soon!