Wear Your Hair

So I’ve worn clip in hair extentions for years.    I’ve had the same ones for the past few years and I’ve of course been in love with them, however over the years of bleach, toner, washing, straightening, blow drying and brushing they were kind of worn out so my fabulous hair dresser and cousin cut and colored them for me.  I loved how healthy they looked but my hair started to grow a bit and now my clips aren’t much longer than my actual hair which isn’t very long itself.  All the extra hair really did was add a lot of volume from all the layers.

Soooo back when I bought my clip ins I had also accidently purchased a weave thinking they were clips.  This now came in handy, because I needed new hair and all I had to do was make these into clips!  So of course I googled the supplies I needed and headed over to sally’s beauty supply to gather my clips, needle, specially strong thread, and scissors.

When I got home I just started cutting the weave into pieces according to the size of my head for where I wanted the clips to go.  I then began to sew the clips into the tread of the hair and tie it a lot of times to make sure it was secure and cut off the extra thread.  I now have brand new amazing clip in extentions as easy as that, so I encourage you to try it at home it’s a lot of fun and the results are great!  I had no idea what I was doing and they turned out really well.

Happy Sewing! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Wear Your Hair

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