Boots, Belts, and Skinny Jeans

Ok guys so lets talk a little about fashion!  My latest fave items for this season are boots, belts, and skinny jeans!!!  In my photos, I of course, am modeling my Maurice’s clothing.  In the first photo I’m wearing a white tube top as my layering piece.  Now, I would usually wear a couple camis but in this instance I decided to go with one.  My top shirt is from our casual selection.  It’s a nice shade of pink, it’s not too bright and not to dull either. You can’t tell as well in the photo but it’s a nice, rich color.  The front is mostly lace with regular sleeves.  The back has one strip of lace down the middle.  It fits a little bit shorter and more loose.  I prefer a form fitting look, so I (as usual) paired this with a thick, grey belt.  I wear my belt pretty high up as you can see.  Everyone has a certain place on their body where a belt looks best, and a certain type of belt that looks the best on them.  I am wearing my silver skinny jeans with this outfit and pink uggs.  I also paired this top with a long pearl necklace to top it off.  It’s a fun way use these pieces to put together a great outfit!

Below I’m using the same belt, but different  boots and different skinny jeans.  I started with our white active wear tank top.  I like this one because it’s really long and the material is very comfortable.  My top shirt is also from our new casual selection.  As you can see, I’ve already started wearing our spring colors.  It has ruffles going diagonal from the top.  At first I wasn’t sure about the idea of pairing a shirt that had ruffles with a belt but at the store, we had a bright pink shirt with ruffles all the way down on a mannequin and that had a black belt on it and I became sort of fond of the look.  So of course I had to try it.  It worked well together. So, with this outfit I’m actually wearing Silver jeggings.  They don’t look much different from my skinnies.  The only difference is that the material is a bit softer and stretchier.  I love both pairs equally, they are both very comfortable and look and fit amazing .  I then finished with my knee high, grey, suede boots.

When I’m helping my customers at Maurice’s I have a habit of handing then boots, belts, and skinny jeans to complete their outfit for an amazing look that makes them feel great.  These items are hot right now, so use these with your wardrobe, be daring, and have fun! 🙂

Happy trending!


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