Lights Out

So, funny story, the people who lived in my student apartment before me (yes, I currently reside in student apartments- not the best decision I ever made) well they never paid the electric bill.  I’ve lived here about a month now and was trying to figure out who’s name the bill was in and when it gets paid and how much it would be.  Nobody I lived with knew.  Unfortunately I had to get a text during class from my roommate telling me that our electricity had been turned off.  Electricity turned off?  I had only seen that happen in movies.  Plus I’ve only lived in this apartment for a month now and paid my electric every month prior when I had lived in a different unit upstairs.  This was crazy to me, so I called and figured everything out, there is a large outstanding balance but we only had to pay this last month to turn it on again.  So we called and paid and they told us they can turn it on tomorrow for us.  

In the meantime, what do we do?  My boyfriend and I haul the computer and our phones along with our chargers to the hallway to charge them.  We sat in the hallway and he played with the soccerball while I played on my computer (I’m actually sitting out here in the hallway as I’m writing this 🙂 )

this is what we do when the electricity goes out

I’m just happy not to be hanging out in this hallway by myself.  And knowing that no situation is really a situation.  You can make anything out of nothing.  Creativity is a great thing to have and to be good at.  I could be upset over the power outage, I could make it a big issue.  (Which is something I may have done in the past.)  But instead, we decided to make it fun and play in the hallway.  

We’re also charging the computer so that we can go back inside to my candle lit apartment and watch a movie on net flix!  

[No set backs will ever set me back.]

Happy lighting 😀


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