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I found this saying online and made my own version of it on sketchbook ūüôā

These are just a few of my latest and greatest photos I’ve posted on instagram ūüėČ ¬†I love them so I figured I would share them with you!

Happy Thursday!


The Only Thing to Fear is Fear Itself

So, you know that old saying about how the only thing to fear is fear itself?  I really believe that lately.  I think it goes hand in hand with confidence.  When you have confidence, you demolish fear, meaning any fears you would have had, do not come true.  

For example, if you are in a relationship and you are constantly in fear that you will be betrayed, this will probably happen. If you have a job and you are constantly in fear that you will be fired, it will probably happen. 

When you are parent, now please if you are a parent please pay attention to this.. ¬†When you have kids, your biggest fear I’m guessing is losing them or them not being successful in life. ¬†When you constantly are in fear of this, you are probably pushing them away. ¬†

Let go of your fears. ¬†Be confident. ¬†If you push somebody or something away, it will probably go away. ¬†Whether it is a boyfriend, a job, a child… Have confidence. ¬†Trust in yourself and trust in those who you love. ¬†This is just my short little blog of real life advice. ¬†People enjoy my writing because it is very real and I am very genuine. ¬†I’m just talking about real things and real life and I am not perfect, I will never know everything, but this right here, I promise you this is important. ¬†


Learn to let go.

Learn to trust.

Learn to have confidence.

And I promise you everything will be ok. ūüôā




Starting Something Inspiring

I am new to business and new to entrepreneurship. ¬† I am new to the idea of “be your own boss”. ¬†I am new to the idea of “hustling”. ¬†Ten months ago, I met my best friend and boyfriend and while getting to know each other and helping each other grow, I have learned so much! ¬†The traditional idea of get a job so you can go to school, so you can get a job working for somebody else for the rest of your life, then retiring long after is not so traditional to me anymore. ¬†Obviously having a job right now is important, I do work for someone else at the moment, and I am going to school to get my degree. ¬†However, what I’m learning is that you can literally do whatever you want to do! ¬†If you need some money, go out and make some money! ¬†If you want to start a business, then start one! ¬†I had a lot of dreams growing up. ¬†Even back when I was in my elementary years I was organizing clubs and groups, and begging my dad to help me start my own business. ¬†I would have been happy with anything! ¬†I mapped it out, planned it out, but didn’t seek it out. ¬†I didn’t have the necessary resources. ¬†I wasn’t raised that way. ¬†I was a little too “creative” to some. ¬†Now, that wasn’t anyone’s fault, that was just the mindset of the community I was raised by. ¬†“Stop dreaming, just finish school and get a good job,” I was told. ¬†“Your ideas are not realistic.” ¬†Let me tell you right now, never stop dreaming! ¬†Last year, we had a dream. ¬†Our dream is coming to life. ¬†We are starting our own business. ¬†People will always shake their heads. ¬†They will always tell you, be realistic and be responsible. ¬† ¬†I say follow your dreams AND be realistic and responsible. ¬†I’m still working and I’m still going to school, yet we are starting our own business on the side. ¬†Let me tell you, it’s an amazing feeling. ¬†It’s a very long and not really easy process, but we are patient. ¬†We have never rushed anything. ¬†Success comes with time, patience, and dedication. ¬†That’s exactly what we’ve been doing. ¬†We have so many dreams and ideas I could never possibly put it on paper, but let me tell you that if you have a dream, an idea, or a slightest thought.. RUN WITH IT! ¬†“Shoot for the moon, and if you don’t make it you will land in the stars,” we always tell each other. ¬†

Feel free to check out out blog for one branch of our new business.  We just put it together today and we are very excited!  Expect to see great things from us.  I know we are going to be very successful.  The sky is not the limit.  WE HAVE NO LIMIT.  



Mary Kay!!!

Two words ladies…..


My new Mary Kay Bag!

I recently have started my new MARY KAY business and I could not be more excited!!  There is more to it than I expected, but then again it is starting your own business and being your own boss so you have to take care of everything yourself so that makes sense.  However, you still have a base to go off of, you are not starting from scratch and they give you an amazing support system!  There are DVDs, books, a hotline, and my director is there for me anytime I need her!

My start up kit was just $100 (a $425 value!) ¬†I was so excited to take it home from the Mary Kay party! ¬†I had gone into that party already interested in starting up my own biz, and I wanted to see if I loved this product. ¬†I wanted to sell, I just didn’t know what yet. ¬†We got there, and our Consultant greeted us and was so excited to see us! ¬†She made us feel very welcome. ¬†She started off by treating us to the Peach Satin Hands treatment, which broke the ice and left our hands feeling amazingly soft. ¬†She went into her introduction and then went on to give us full facials and make overs, matching us to our perfect shade of foundation, blush, and lipgloss! ¬†We felt so pretty and we were all complimenting each other on how great we looked!

I really fell in love with the product, the skin care made my skin feel so amazing and the make up looked great! ¬†I knew this was something I had to be a part of. ¬†So I made the decision to start my own MK biz and I’m glad I did. ¬†I have so many girls interested ¬†in having parties with me and I’m so excited to see where this journey takes me!

Inside the box of my new Mary Kay kit!

“Do unto others as you want done unto you.”

“God first, family second, career third.”

Please show me some love and support and come check out my website at, check out what I have to offer, or schedule a party with me I would love to PAMPER you!!! 

Happy Success!


Style Updates


As many of you know, Instagram is pretty big now especially since Facebook just bought it out.  I love fashion and style and photography so from now on I will be sharing my instagram photos with you guys and I have a few photos on here with some great style that I would love to share!!

This first photo is my boyfriend and I. ¬†A lot of people tell me this looks like a magazine photo and it looks professional which is very flattering! ¬†We were just hanging out and decided to shoot this picture on his iphone and I edited it on Iphoto. ¬†It turned out very well. ¬†I have on a simple black dress, a couple rings, bracelet, necklace, and pink shoes to add little splashes of color and fun to the look. ¬†Desean’s outfit consists of a dark wash pair of jeans, belt, brown button up, bow tie (which I tied and I’m pretty proud of that!) all from Elsworth Men’s Clothing, and a knock out jacket from Macy’s. ¬†He also added to the outfit a pocket square for character. ¬†Now, your pocket square doesn’t have to match your outfit, just compliment it.

Here, we were at Elsworth Menswear in downtown Minneapolis.   Desean was having an outfit put together for that night.  I really like this picture and I actually took it because of the jeans.  They just look amazing on him.  The fit, wash, and style just looks great.  He also mentioned how comfortable they are.  

This is a shirt from my store Maurice’s, one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES! ¬†The bottom is fitted to your body and as you go up the ruffles are so adorable and feminine and it comes up and wraps around the neck for a classic look. ¬†All the jewlery you would need with it is a bracelet or ring or both. ¬†In this photo I paired it with a jean skirt. ¬†

This last shirt is a fun summer shirt I picked up from Maurice’s as well. ¬†I absolutely love this one as well. ¬†It’s so fun and it fits very well to your body. ¬†I love how one strap is very thin and the other side is thicker. ¬†The neckline is very flattering. ¬†



The City!

Desean an I are in the city today! He has a couple of job interviews and I am tagging along so we can look at some apartments. I just love this city! It’s pretty cold and windy but I’m managing. When we got here he headed to his interview as I went off to adventure the streets. I fought with the parking meter and the wind blowing my hair away. An older man came to help me which was very nice. I then ventured down the streets finding my way to a friends store. The cold wind bit my cheeks and bare forearms and my hair was practically straight behind me but I just trucked along. A man took my picture and told me I was beautiful and it made me blush. I kept following my map and found the store. I asked him if he needed any help. He didn’t so I took a seat and listened to him talk.

Desean then showed up and we talked some more then headed on our way. We got some things done and we’re now at Monte Carlo for a nice lunch. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the day brings!

Happy City Going!



My Life Update

So, the basic point of this blog is just a quick update on my life.  (Since that is the topic of my page.:) )

I am moving to the city in June. ¬†With my boyfriend that is. ¬†I, personally am very excited and so is he. ¬†It’s a big step in life but it will be a great one. ¬†I’ve never met somebody who brings so much good out of me besides for my family. ¬†My family is part supportive and part not. ¬†My cousins are supportive of me. ¬†Of course they want me to be careful and make the right decisions, but I have their support. ¬†My parents, however are another story. ¬†They are not mad at me (well maybe my dad is.. I hope not..), but they wish I would wait longer. ¬†In my opinion it is the right decision and if it is not, then I will learn it on my own. ¬†That would be on me, not anyone else. ¬†I would not make this decision though, with any doubt in my mind. ¬†I have 100% faith in the relationship I have with my boyfriend and the relationship I have with God and know they will take me far in life. ¬†I know I will work hard and I know I will be successful. ¬† I want to finish school with either marketing or retail merchandising depending on what school I am accepted into. ¬†For either one I have about a year of credits completed so far. ¬†(I had to start over with school, because of my major change. ¬†I used to want to work in medical.) ¬†My boyfriend and I have the entrepreneur mind set and we want to start our own business and be very successful together and grow as people, as a couple, and as business professionals. ¬†


I will be transferring to another Maurice’s, however the management team in the store I plan to transfer to is full so I will have to take a part time associate’s position which is fine. ¬† I can find a second part time job in walking distance especially ¬†for the summer. ¬†Its going to be a lot of sacrifice and work but also a lot of new adventures and fun!

New Home

So here’s to growth both personal and business! ¬†To a life time of learning and new opportunities!

Happy Growth!!