Style Updates


As many of you know, Instagram is pretty big now especially since Facebook just bought it out.  I love fashion and style and photography so from now on I will be sharing my instagram photos with you guys and I have a few photos on here with some great style that I would love to share!!

This first photo is my boyfriend and I.  A lot of people tell me this looks like a magazine photo and it looks professional which is very flattering!  We were just hanging out and decided to shoot this picture on his iphone and I edited it on Iphoto.  It turned out very well.  I have on a simple black dress, a couple rings, bracelet, necklace, and pink shoes to add little splashes of color and fun to the look.  Desean’s outfit consists of a dark wash pair of jeans, belt, brown button up, bow tie (which I tied and I’m pretty proud of that!) all from Elsworth Men’s Clothing, and a knock out jacket from Macy’s.  He also added to the outfit a pocket square for character.  Now, your pocket square doesn’t have to match your outfit, just compliment it.

Here, we were at Elsworth Menswear in downtown Minneapolis.   Desean was having an outfit put together for that night.  I really like this picture and I actually took it because of the jeans.  They just look amazing on him.  The fit, wash, and style just looks great.  He also mentioned how comfortable they are.  

This is a shirt from my store Maurice’s, one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES!  The bottom is fitted to your body and as you go up the ruffles are so adorable and feminine and it comes up and wraps around the neck for a classic look.  All the jewlery you would need with it is a bracelet or ring or both.  In this photo I paired it with a jean skirt.  

This last shirt is a fun summer shirt I picked up from Maurice’s as well.  I absolutely love this one as well.  It’s so fun and it fits very well to your body.  I love how one strap is very thin and the other side is thicker.  The neckline is very flattering.  




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