Start Your Week Inspired!

Start Your Week Inspired!.  You have to check out this blog it is so inspiring! Perfect way to get your work week started!


Happy Inspiration!! ūüôā


Twelve Days!!


I have been so busy lately, I have been neglecting my blog pretty badly! ¬†I move into my new apartment in about 12 days! AHH!! I could not be more excited about this! ¬†Life is going to be a lot different in many ways, but in some very good ways! ¬†I am going to get to live comfortably and peacefully with my amazingly supportive other half and all our nice things! ¬†Some people say it’s not rational to be living in such a nice place while in college, but honestly with the mindset my boyfriend and I have, we wouldn’t settle for anything less at this point. ¬†We both have a go getter attitude and when we want something we get it. ¬†I read in the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, that one aspect to the difference between a “rich mindset” and a “poor mindset” is your reaction to seeing something you really want. ¬†Thinking with a “poor mindset”, you see something you really want but shrug and walk away thinking you simply cannot afford it. ¬†Having a “rich mindset”, you see something you really want and you think long and hard and say, “HOW can I afford this?” ¬†You don’t have to buy everything you want that you see, most definitely not your life would become way too cluttered, however this mindset difference, sets you apart from others. ¬†It can make you very successful. ¬†This is why we are going to live in a very nice apartment with the given amenities we like! ¬† Given, we may sometimes have to eat an inexpensive meal or occasionally skip out on our daily caribou coffee to save money for rent at the end of the month, but that’s sacrifice. ¬†You weigh your opinions. ¬†You can pick up extra hours, get a second job. ¬†There are many ways to get what you want, you just have to have the right attitude! ¬†

I also start school up again soon! ¬†I’m going to be taking one online class this summer while I settle into our new place and work a bunch of hours to save money for fall and then I’m going to throw myself into school and get my marketing degree. ¬†I recently in my life chose to switch majors for college, so instead of being three years in, I’m really only a year in with the credits that count towards my new major. ¬†This is definitely fine though, because I would rather spend a couple extra years in college to do what I really want to do than to get a degree I found out I’m really not interested in!

I start my job at the new store June 1st!!! I’m kind of nervous… I’ve been told my new team is a VERY head strong team. ¬†For anyone who knows me, I have a pretty soft and sensitive personality. ¬†So I’m sort of wondering how this is going to all go down. ¬†Honestly, if it isn’t the store for me, there are other ones in the mall. ¬†I also have the qualifications to work at a nursing home or hospital for quite a better pay than I would make in retail, so I have many options. ¬†Even though that’s not my pursuit anymore it can sure pay the bills! ūüôā


Hope you all had an amazing week and ENJOY THE WEEKEND and make sure to spoil your momma on Sunday!!! ūüôā

Happy Mother;s Day Weekend!