Sir Williams

Yesterday after work, I hopped on the train to go home.  I found a seat and got comfortable.  The train was full of people and noise.  All different types of people going different places with different agendas.  About half way through my ride home, we stopped at a VA medical center.  An older man boarded the train.  He was very out of breath and kept glancing around.  He spotted the empty seat next to me and headed my way.  

He told me hello and began to get situated in his seat.  He was taking his sweatshirt off and motioned for me to help him pull one of his sleeves off.  It sort of took me by surprise but I helped him remove his sleeve.  He smiled and told me he would have  done it for me.  He proceeded to set his things down and get comfortable.  Once he was content, he looked to me and asked me if when I was born if my mother looked at me.  

I told him I suppose she did.  

He laughed and said of course she did!  Then asked, did she look into your eyes?  

I said, I believe so.  

He said, when she looked into your eyes what did she name you?  

I told him my name was Lindsey.  

He put out his hand towards me to shake and told me his name was Sir Williams.  He then began speaking quickly and sort of jumping all around with the conversation.   He said, ok we don’t have a lot of time, so we gotta be quick.  I’m going to tell you an object, and you tell me male or female.   I will then tell you if you are right or not, and why.  He went on to name a list of different items, I would guess, and he would tell me right or wrong and explain why.  

In the middle of that, he asked me if I believed in God and I said yes.  

When we finished the guessing game, he asked me if I work at the mall, because that was where the train had come from.  I said yes I do.  

He said where in the mall do you work?  

I told him Maurice’s.  

He was not sure what that was and asked jokingly, is that a strip club?  

I could barely get the word no out of my mouth, when he then said, no of course not because you don’t do that type of thing when you believe in God.  

I sort of laughed and nodded in agreement. 

He then began talking quickly again.  He said, so do you know what the letters of the bible stand for?

I asked what he meant.

The letters of the bible, he said again, what do they mean?

I shrugged and told him I wasn’t sure.  

He said ok, my mom never told me, my dad never told me, my grandmas and grandpas, and great grandmas and grandpas never told me.  No one ever told me what the letters of the bible stand for!  Do you want to know what the letters of the bible stand for?

I nodded and told him sure I would like to know.

He said again, this time a little louder and little quicker, do you want to know what the letters of the bible stand for?

I said yes I do.  

Sir Williams held out his pinky finger and told me to clasp mine to his.  

I was slightly confused and uncomfortable, but I did and we locked pinky fingers. 

He said hold tight.  

I held tight. 

Is that all the strength you have, he said, ok.  Are you ready?

I said yes.   

He said, ok, repeat after me.  

I nodded. 

Basic, he started and looked towards me.

Basic, I repeated.









As I heard the words come from his voice and then mine, I was so surprised.  Thoughts flooded my mind.  I had never thought of that, or even wondered what B-I-B-L-E stood for, if anything.  But it just made sense.  It made so much sense!  

Before I had time to really process it, the train arrived at my stop and I had to get off.  I walked all the way home with a smile on my face.  God is so good and he brings certain people and experiences into your life for a reason.  I believe God brought that old man into my life that day.  He gave me an entire new perspective.



Happy Believing!!! 🙂 


One thought on “Sir Williams

  1. This is a very beautiful story you told here. Thank you. You are of course invited to drop by my blog and read some Deep Desert Blues when ever you want. I think you’d like it. Bless you!

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