July is going to be kick butt month for me!!! I’m so ready for this. ¬†

Happy Workouts! ūüôā


My Journey to a Healthier Me

I don’t normally eat very well, and I definitely haven’t had a regular exercise routine in a very long time. ¬†A few months back, my cousin Rhonda who was in the middle of a weight loss journey herself, started a blog about it. ¬†Now, I should tell you that I used to be a dancer, so I was once very fit and healthy as well. ¬†But of course, I slowly grew out of all my healthy habits as I finished high school and began college. ¬†I slowly stopped working out. ¬†I slowly started eating worse and worse. It never really got too out of control, but I definitely was not feeling well at all. ¬†

So, she started this blog (inspired by my blog) and I started reading it. ¬†Something started to spark in me that hadn’t been there for quite awhile. ¬†I was very busy at the time, going to school, finishing up the semester, and working a lot of hours as a manager at my job. ¬†Completely revamping my entire lifestyle that moment was not exactly ideal. ¬†And that was ok! ¬†Honestly, jumping in too fast only sets you up for failure anyways. ¬†So I took it slow. ¬†I started walking to class. ¬†I slowly started making healthier choices. ¬†I eventually started finding time to go for hour-hour and a half long walks. ¬†It felt really great to start doing something good for my mind and body. ¬†After about a month of making those small changes, I could already notice my stomach was much flatter and my arms and thighs were slightly slimmer. ¬†Mind you, these were very small changes added to my daily life. ¬†

After a month of doing that, I moved to the cities (where I live now). ¬†I now have a fitness room, a pool, and a sauna. ¬†I started the same, I went for short walks and was making small changes in what I put into my body. ¬†Almost immediately, I was in that fitness room, using the elliptical, lifting small hand weights to tone my arms, and all of the other fun machines they have available! ¬†I recently have started getting into intervals of swimming laps in the pool and warming up in the sauna. ¬† It’s a pretty great feeling afterwards! ¬†

Most recently, I have discovered yogaX. ¬†I have not tried any other P90X workouts yet, and I may. ¬†But for now, I am doing yogaX. ¬†I have done it twice now. ¬†Tonight I did it and two nights ago I did it as well. ¬†The first night started out pretty manageable and grew more difficult as it went on. ¬†Some poses, I could barely hold but I pushed hard! ¬†If I fell, I got right back into the pose. ¬†If I shook, I would try hard to clear my mind and calm my breathing to steady myself. ¬†It felt great! ¬†This morning I was extremely sore! ¬†I went at it again tonight and my muscles were so sore I felt the need to sit in the sauna and warm up my muscles before beginning. ¬†When doing deep stretches like these, you definitely don’t want to feel cold or tense. ¬†After my second round of yogaX, I am feeling really great! ¬† Immediately after my workout, to fuel my body and benefit from my hard work I made a light snack. ¬†Apples and peanut butter. ¬†It was so delicious!

Protein is key when trying to gain muscle and lose weight!

I still don’t always eat healthy, and that is something I’m working on. ¬†Working with the budget of a college kid, it’s hard to always make the best decisions about food. ¬†Sometimes at the time, a $2 meal at Taco Bell is all I feel I manage. ¬†For both price and convenience. ¬†But I am making a conscious effort to eat better. ¬†Today I drank a banana and almond milk smoothie for breakfast and I also made deviled eggs with a healthy twist. ¬†I can definitely share the recipe for that in a separate blog. ¬†They tasted very good!

I plan to continue on this new healthy lifestyle journey. I am feeling good and could not be more excited about it! ūüôā


Happy Fitness!!!