To the New Year

Hey guys!  Welcome to my blog I am new to this but I’m excited to get started.

First of all 2011 was a hard year for me.  A lot of crazy things happened which I’m sure you’ll hear about in later blogs.  I want to do this year right I’ve really been getting my life together and it feels amazing!  I felt blogging along my way of this journey would be fun on account of I love writing and sharing my experiences and thoughts.

Now, since we are 10 days into the new year of 2012 (yay!), I want to talk about my resolutions and how I’m doing on them so far.

I really didn’t make any official resolutions or anything, but in life I am always making myself goals.  Something I really challenge myself on is self awareness and always learning and bettering myself.  I’ve been doing a great job with this.  You know those “in the moment” words and actions?  Something I’ve been working on is being aware of those “in the moment” moments as they begin. And when I realize them, I take a step back, analyze the situation and possible outcomes and then step back in, thinking rationally.  I guess that’s part of growing up. (:

Another goal I have for myself I’ve actually been working on this one for awhile but about six months ago I quit drinking and I’ve done a great job sticking to that.  So  for 2012 I want to stay sober until my 21st birthday.

One other thing I would love to do this year is to write a book or short story about my life the last year kind of as an informative and entertaining piece which I started a few days ago.

And as I said I was recently promoted to manager, so my resolution for this is to just be the best manager I can be and do amazing things for my store!

The new semester at my college also started recently, so I really want to stick with school and achieve good grades, so we will see how this one plays out!

Other than those goals, I have the usual you know eat healthier, become more fit, do more yoga, pray more, smile more, worry less, just be happy 🙂

Well, happy blogging everybody!  Talk to you soon!