The Elephant and the Ant


So there is an elephant and an ant.  When a fly comes along and lands on the elephant, he doesn’t notice, nor does he care.  The fly is so little it doesn’t matter to the elephant because he’s bigger than the fly.  It doesn’t affect how he feels and it doesn’t affect his day at all.  The fly then leaves the elephant and makes his way over to the ant.  This time when the fly lands on the ant it’s a really big deal!  It really affects the ant.  The ant is not larger than the fly.  He notices the fly, he feels the fly, and it’s probably greatly affecting his day.

So what you have to do is decide who you want to be.  Are you going to be the elephant or the ant?  That’s completely up to you.  It’s not always easy to be the elephant and not be bothered by the fly.  But you are the one that controls if you want to be.  And honestly, for me,this story is enough of a reminder for me to become the elephant again.


Be Quick to Listen and Slow to Speak

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard is “Be quick to listen and slow to speak.”

It seriously makes so much sense.  I was on Facebook this morning and came across

this photo.  I love this because this is something that can really help me.  At times I can

be pretty quick to talk and slow to listen.  I have to constantly remind myself to always,

always listen well.  I also have a small little habit of “word vomit”, which is not really

in my favor.  You know, those thoughts that pop into your head and you for some reason

just absolutely can not hold them in?  Yeah, those.  So, I came across this photo!

This really spoke to me and I want to read it a few times and keep it in my head.

I want to remember these questions as I go through my day and as I speak my

mind to others.  Don’t just go spitting out any words that your brain crosses.


Stop.  Think!!!!

Be sure to listen.  And then speak..

if it is true, helpful, inspiring,

necessary, and kind.