My Outfit Yesterday


I love this outfit because this year I’m really digging

the maxi skirts/dresses!  I’m also loving all white!  

(Although it proves itself  as a task to keep clean.) 🙂 

The cardigan I’m wearing is very comfortable and cute to go 

over this outfit because it is very light and it is a fun color for


Happy Stylin 🙂


African Night!!!

So I just have to write about my night last night!

My boyfriend and I went over to our friends’ Dionna and Jennifer’s place.  Dionna and I had informally planned this African Night.  The day before yesterday Dionna and I were having a girls day, shopping and what not and we decided to put this plan together.  

We got there and the first thing we did was watch an african movie with movie stars from africa, filmed in africa.  Occasionally I had to look to Di for a translation because of their thick accent, but I understood most of it.

After our movie, it was time to eat.  Surprisingly, when I heard the word goat I wasn’t hesitant at all, but excited to try it, being I have loved all the other cooking they have done.  So, to break it down for you, what we had was an african soup.  The soup  was really spicy, which I loved.  In the soup there was of course goat meat and there is bone, so you have to eat around it.  The meat was very juicy and flavorful!  The thing you see in the middle in the photo below is called fufu.  Fufu is kind of like a dough, if you had to compare it to something american, it would be like a mashed potato.  It’s made from cassava, which is like a plant and it is ground down into a powder and then boiled into water to create this doughy substance.  You’re supposed to just swallow the fufu and not chew it, which I tried for a few bites.  Being that this was very unnatural for me and I kind of struggled with it, they said it was fine to chew it, so I mashed it up a bit in my mouth to make it easier to swallow.  It was very tasty!


African soup with fufu and goat meat.

After that delicious dinner, we decided to dress up.

African jewlery

We put on leggings to go under our outfits.  I was then given a lappah (the skirt tied around my waist) and told I could put it on my body however I wanted.  I tied it around my waist and then chose these beautiful hoop earrings to wear from her collection.  The girls brought me out to the living room so we could show the boys my new look.  They liked it, of course 🙂  The girls then joined me in wearing african attire.

Me wearing african jewlery and lappah (skirt)!

Time to dance!

We then spent the rest of the night dancing.  The girls showed me how to dance african and I loved it.  It was our own african dance party in her bedroom, while the boys watched sports in the living room.  (I even showed them a little bit of my type of dance I grew up to know).  It was one of the funnest times I’ve had as long as I can remember.  We were carefree, having a blast just moving our bodies to the fun, upbeat music.