16 Things About Me

1) My family means the WORLD to me.

I can honestly say I have no idea where I would be in life without these amazing people! We're very strong and nothing could ever come between us. You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us 🙂

2) I love photography.

I took this one at my favorite beach 🙂 We always took our camper here and had the most amazing times!

This one was in my front yard, I used the rocks from the rockbed in front of our house.

This was a couple summers ago at a resort up north. Sometimes the simplest moments in life make me the happiest.

3) I’m a small town girl.

This is one of my senior pictures, taken on the sidewalk in front of my house in the country. I'm a country girl!

An evening roasting marshmellows after a nice barbeque with my german sister.

4) I LOVE tanning.

Beautiful day on St. Pete's Beach, FL.

5) My sister is my best friend.

A sister can scream at you, hit you, take your clothes, use your make up, then turn around and kill someone who disrespects you! I would take a bullet for my baby sister!

on a train in the train museum in duluth

Nothing can come between sisters love! Saint Pete's Beach, FL

6) I have a massive sweet tooth!

Usually every year all the lovely ladies in my family come together for a very big cookie-baking day. This most recent year, however we didn't get around to it so these delicious cookies were made the previous year.

7) I’ve always loved writing.

8))Not sure what I was working on here, but I've loved writing since I learned how. I have diaries, stories, and papers I've written since I was a little tiny girl. I even wrote a book in 5th grade!

8) I like to talk.  A lot. 🙂

As soon as they taught me how to talk, they couldn't get me to stop.

9) I hiked the Swiss Alps.

It had been raining and I of course was truckin around in my usual flair silver jeans.. needless to say this pair was ruined after that day!

Absolutely gorgeous shot on our way back down.

 10) My mother is behind all my accomplishments in life.

She always pushes me to be my best and I love her for that.

11) Last summer I met a boy who would change my life forever.

My other half!

I've learned so much from this amazing person.

12) I can be quite the ham.

I'm usually not very hesitant to pose for the camera and give a little attitude.

Always ready for a cute photo opp! Loved that new bikini.

13) I have a passion to move and to dance!

Even when I was a baby, I couldn't sit still during a great song! I went on to take dance classes for thirteen years of my life. One thing I would always love to get back into.

14) I love my dogs.

This pretty girl is Lacey. She's very curious and loving.

This is Sammy! She's laid back and very sweet.

15) I quite frequently butt heads with my dad, but he will always be my hero.

This one is in our driveway quite a few years ago, but he always brings home these machines from Polaris for us to use like this ranger and other ATVs.

16) I love to laugh.

Bob Marley said it best, "Don't worry, be happy!" Just let go and BE! 🙂

Happy Reminiscing!


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