I laid in bed.
No one was up.
There was no outside noise.
My phone silently played soft music.
I stared at the shadows on the wall.
Lights from occasional cars flashed by my window.
A cool breeze from the fan brushed my face.
My chest moved up.
It moved down.
My eyelids slowly close.


You are my Sunshine!

You Are My Sunshine!!

RULE # 1

Upon receiving the Sunshine award you must…thank the beautiful person that nominated you….…THANK YOU!!! It really is very sweet of you to think of me in this way…and greatly appreciated.  I do hope that you all get to check out Myraysoflight’s blog…if you haven’t already…it’s LOVELY!! 🙂

Sunshine is God’s way of allowing us to grow…and the kind and loving support of my Word Press family makes that so much easier…thanks…to all of you. Your loving comments and feedback are what every writer and person wants in life…someone to not only hear…but listen. You all deserve a great award for that!!


RULE # 2

It’s time to share!!!


I would have to say I absolutely love the color PINK!



I beleive it says that I am very girly and feminine.



My dogs!! 🙂



I remember for some reason, when I was eight years old, I thought life was pretty grand so I decided (at that age) that 8 was going to be my favorite number. 



Berry White Mocha blended from Caribou ❤



Twitter.  I don’t believe in Facebook.



God.  Love.  True happiness.



Giving.  Nothing feels as good as giving.



Stripes.  With lots of pretty colors.



Whatever day I have off and can go home and relax with my family!



Roses.  They’re romantic.


List some bloggers that have touched you…and try to name some bloggers that may have not been mentioned by you before.  I’m still kind of new to word press and I haven’t interacted with too many bloggers yet, but I do have a few that I really loved.

Please check out their pages… I really enjoy them:


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Happy Sunny Days!




Just wanted to share this photo because it really shows how I feel better than any words. No body is perfect but our flaws are what make us who we are and having self awareness to continue to grow and better ourselves is what makes us strong.

Happy living 🙂

50 Ways to be Humble

So, I can not take credit for this amazing list, however, I do feel responsible to send it on to others.  Something I have been pushing myself to do lately is, as you read in the title, 50 ways to be humble.  Sounds easy, right?  No, it’s really not when you’re not in the habit of it already.  And even if you are, I still think you should read this list.  I have realized lately that I am not great.  I am actually nothing.  God is everything.  And I know everyone is not religious and those who are have different gods and different beliefs.  To me, though, at the end of the day all “religions” believe in a higher power.  Even if you don’t, you must know that the universe is much greater than you.  Infinity is massive.  It’s powerful.  As humans, we can do great things.  But this is not because we are great.  Like I said we are actually nothing.  We are transparent and with our transparency, the power of infinity or God, or whatever you believe in will show through you and make great things happen.  Once you realize this, once you know this, I can promise you little by little you will feel happier and many situations will go smoother for you.  So, check out this list and really think about it.  Soak it in.  Reread if you would like.  Take notes.  Enjoy 🙂

                                                        50 Ways to be Humble

    1. Use the response “It’s My Pleasure” when someone thanks you for doing something.
    2. Use the response “I’d be honored” when someone asks you to help them or do something with them.
    3. Listen more than you talk
    4. Count to 3 before adding to a conversation to ensure the other person is done
    5. Be willing to follow another person in conversation even if you don’t get to talk about your idea
    6. Always offer to improve someone else’s idea and give them credit
    7. Give credit for other’s ideas that you are carrying through on
    8. Ask others for the opinion of others
    9. Ask others to join conversations and contribute
    10. It’s OK to be wrong and so admit it
    11. Admit when you don’t understand or know something
    12. Appreciate others who learn something quickly and say so
    13. Be quick to apologize when you do something wrong
    14. Study moral principles
    15. Use moral principles to guide you
    16. You are God’s creation, not your own
    17. Recognize your talents as gifts, not your own ability
    18. Know how your skills have only be developed by the help of others
    19. Share your own knowledge to pass on what you have learned
    20. Pass on thanks when you receive it to those who helped you achieve what was thanked
    21. Value other people’s time as much as your own
    22. Never equate time spent with people to a dollar value
    23. Don’t boast about your achievements, let others recognize them instead
    24. Keep your goals to yourself
    25. Help other people with their goals
    26. Realize the potential in others
    27. Know that timing is everything and everyone excels at different times in life
    28. Being the 1st follower is often the best way to lead
    29. Since winning isn’t everything, you don’t have to win
    30. Recognize that you have faults
    31. Remember you are a sinner (in other words, you are no better or worse than anyone else)
    32. Ignore first impressions of people
    33. Give others the benefit of the doubt
    34. Provide positive and encouraging feedback instead of criticism
    35. Make a choice to act more humbly
    36. Practice at least one humble act each day
    37. Be grateful for successes without boasting about them
    38. Know how to accept praise with a simple thank you, don’t elaborate on it or talk more about it
    39. Recognize the individualism of others and yourself, there is no need to conform
    40. Share your core values and live them accordingly regardless of the circumstances
    41. Prioritize things in your life and rate your actions on whether to followed that priority or not
    42. Rate other people as first, be less significant
    43. Forgive those who wrong you and move on without revenge or lashing back
    44. Serve others and not yourself first
    45. Seek wisdom, which is knowledge of what is true coupled with just judgment of action
    46. Recognize and know that you know little and there is always more to learn
    47. Avoid explosive reactions, and subside any aggression
    48. Accept new ideas and change, not being stuck on what you knew before
    49. Teach all that you can for the benefit of others
    50. Learn from and model the life of the most humble teachers in history (Jesus, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Buddha, etc)

So, I hope you have enjoyed this list of 50 ways to be more humble as much as I did.  And I sincerely hope you really let it soak it and can try to apply it to your own life.  

Happy humility!